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This is an excellent and almost unknown 9-track Hippie album, privately recorded/pressed in 1973 - an original is extremely rare! The band was found by Fork Union Military Academy school members in Virgina around 1970 – the music room of the school became their "refuge" from the predictable, regimented military school life... Thus was born the name "ASYLUM" - a place of refuge. Shortly before graduating and after some line up changes the last dollars were saved to make this album. The music in the “Airplane” & H.P. Lovecraft vains is true 60´s Westcoast psychedelic, garage, folk stuff .The electric cuts such as, “I want you every day”, “Sometimes”, “I will be free”, Deliverance”, “Help me be someone” contain, combined with male vocals the crystal clear voice... [more]

Danny Ben-Israel

By 1969 Danny Ben Israel recorded a Psychedelic MASTERPIECE of an album"Bullshit 3.1/4". This revolutionary ground breaking album is largely unknown, however the few people who know this GEM consider it to be one of the greatest Psych albums of all times and original vinyl copies of this album change hands for hundreds of dollars. The uniqueness of this album lies not only in its music - also the weird and obscure pornographic foldoutcover artwork and the sometimes very trippy lyrics deal with the Israeli society and its hypocrisy, the fake emptiness of the Bohemian way of life, drugs, escapism and freaks. The most obvious theme reflected in his lyrics is the wish for freedom of all kinds (freedom of thought, freedom of expression and so on). The music itself... [more]

C.K. Strong

Originally this extraordinary heavy-psychedelic-blues rock album was recorded in L.A., in 1969. The album contains 8 original cuts of 42 mins playing time, and presents the "NEW" dark, haunted and aggressive progress in electric music of the end-sixties. The band name was a creation, to credit the two founding members, so the C (Carey) K (Kewley) Strong caravan began in the summer of `69, a bit later Geoff Westen, the second guitarist joined and the creative unit CK(W) Strong was born. There was a big hope, that this extremely talented group will breakthrough, as the liner notes on the cover express: "Hearing is believing, but even then, you'll come away shaking your head in disbelief...everything original, everything ebullient and everything "strong" in modern-day record production. [more]


For sure this is one of the obscurest and most excessive South American heavy-progressive rock albums of the early 70´s. The Bolivian power-trio released "Gusano Mecánico" on Discolandia label in 1974. Inspiration for their music is based on the British Rock invasion, on groups like Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd and Emerson Lake & Palmer, but also on American heavy guitar sound like Hendrix or Blue Cheer. This concept album contains 6 songs which are long compositions with extended instrumental parts - of the sound is extremely energetic with various of dynamic changes, you hear creative heavy guitar riffs & psychedelic solos, fast and furious drums (double bass) and complicated basslines. The south American wildness and the excellent musicianship... [more]

Cold Sun

First time available on CD, Cold Sun from Austin, Texas was recorded in 1970 in the legendary Sonobeat studios, where the Mariani and Johnny Winter first LPs were produced. The Cold Sun band are considered contemporaries of Velvet Underground and The Fugs, often listed as being in a similar vein but inspirations for this unique piece actually go back to the desperated, haunted Joe Meek. All songs lyrically express dark, mystic poetry with the true 60s psychedelic floating/distorted fuzz spirit presented in short compact mini-epics along with several mind blowing long tunes, such as "Ra-Ma" (11 min), "Here In The Year" (9 min) and "Fall" (7 min). Discovered by Rockadelic Records of Dallas, Texas in 1991... [more]

Cosmic Dealer

This is the second previously unreleased album by the Dutch psychedelic hard rock band Cosmic Dealer. Their first album “Crystallization” from 1971 is an outstanding and rare masterpiece for all psych collectors and for sure one of the best Euro-Underground rock albums of the 70s. In 1971 the band was shortly disband but found together in 1973 with a few line-up changes but kept the same musical intention: heavy psychedelic, progressive and guitar driven hard rock, with catchy song writing, a few US-Westcoast flashes but also extended instrumental jam excursions. This album contains 6 songs which were recorded in 1973, plus 3 demos from 1971 and as bonus you´ll find 7"EP with 4 live cuts (25 mins) and was recorded in 1971, including the title track... [more]


In 1974 his producer said: “Daniel plays the cello like Jimi Hendrix the guitar!“ This Russian rooted Californian is for sure the wildest rock cellist of the 70´s. The history from this record goes back to 1971 when Daniel started to write the music. Classically trained he began to play instruments at age of 5 and toured a lot as a professional musician. The recordings of his 10 original cuts started in 1976, to be released in 1979 as very limited demo release to apply for a record deal (which not happened). The music ranges from poetic dramatic “chanson-like” ballads to powerful Rock´n´Roll with awesome guitar assaults, incredibly heavy cello-sounds and Daniel´s outstanding voice. This CD is from the mastertapes and comes with 2 bonus tracks, artist´s bio – definitely a very unique piece... [more]


This legendary 1969 LA release of Darius, originally released on Chartmaker Records is one of the all time classics for 60´s collectors - Darius the psychedelic “King” is an extraordinary songwriter, poet and singer with a very remarkable voice. His identity was a secret for over 30 years, the detailed booklet-bio tells his story. On these recordings he was backed by fantastic musicians, Jerry Scheff, Ben Benay and Toxey French well known in the LA studio-scene, they recorded the album "Goldenrod" (World In Sound/WIS-1012). The 10 original tunes catch the spirit of psychedelic Rock´n´Roll on Sunset Strip Hollywood by the late 60´s. This was his only album release and includes 3 unreleased bonus tracks and 8 p. booklet! Truely a must-have... [more]
Long expected the second unreleased Darius album - it continues the story of the famous Chartmaker record (World IN Sound/WIS-1001). On the electric tunes Darius is again backed by the legendary “Goldenrod“ guys, and several other interesting LA guest musicians! This album includes Darius´ only 45 rpm (Hello Stranger/ I Don´t Mind) and cuts from acetates to become a 15 track collection of sunny psychedelic Westcoast emotions – ranging from beautiful folk over to 2 min. fuzz Rock´n´Roll tunes, psychedelic jams and perfectly arranged orchestrated stuff. Truly a 46 minutes joy of passionate and original music with Darius´ unique voice. With a good management this extraordinary singer would have had extreme chart-potential! Contains 8 p. booklet and liner notes! [more]


This CD-release is the first of a WIS - Dragonwyck trilogy. The group from Cleveland (OH) was one of the most promising bands in that area, opened shows for bands as Foghat, Golden Earring, Edgar Winter Group etc. The mood of the music is dark, mystic and strong influenced of the times´ spirit and the hippie age……”anything goes”! - Shortly after highschool in 1970, the 5 guys recorded 7 tracks, released a test pressing on Pama Records in an edition of only 85 copies. It was reissued in the 1990´s by Rockadelic Records as limited edition on LP and CD, since then this band is a milestone for all heavy psychedelic music collectors. Jim Morrison and The Doors brought main inspiration to Dragonwyck´s music, with the small difference; the songs are heavier... [more]
This release, available on CD for the first time, is the second of World In Sound´s Dragonwyck trilogy. The group from Cleveland was one of the most promising bands from the early 70´s in that area. After their first legendary 1970 heavy-psych album (wis-1023) the keyboardist changed, and the band left their garagy Doors influences to create their own sound. The music on these well produced stereo-recordings exists only on acetate (10 copies), and drifted more into the British vein of progressive rock, like King Crimson, Pink Floyd or Yes, but also reflects US-Westcoast feeling like “It´s a Beautiful Day”. By 1972 Dragonwyck was performing Moody Blues´ complete “Days of Future Passed” live on stage, which turned out extremely well, so this is for sure... [more]
This "previously unreleased" album from 1974 rounds off the World In Sound trilogy of Cleveland´s most celebrated 70s "art-psychedelic" rock groups. It´s Dragonwyck´s most professional piece of music and truly decent pioneering in combining 60s psych compositions with tape looping (comparable to the "Dark Side of The Moon" album) and symphonic elements: "Fun is what the name implies; hard work, a lot of sweat….orchestrated rock that is orchestrated without an orchestra"...sure they were inspired by the conceptions of giants, like Genesis, 70s Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant or Yes and express a few Doors / Bowie-flashes, to sound finally as a unique collage of detailed studiowork. Compared to the time when it was recorded it´s innovatively produced... [more]

Easy Chair

Long expected and now re-issued for the first time - Easy Chair’s 1968 one-sided album with a running time of 20 min. is one of the most sought-after Northwest psych-underground records of all time. Original copies have been sold for over 1,000 US$. Correctly remembered as psychedelic rock pioneers, they crammed an amazing career into only one year of activity. Easy Chair performed with the Yardbirds, Cream and the Mothers of Invention. Their epic Westcoast blues features a unique guitar chemistry of Larson’s psychedelic leads and Kirby’s fluid lines and hypnotic chording. Their jam-excursions were always satisfying. [more]


This heavy psychedelic quartet from Quebeck recorded their only album in 1971. Among collectors it is loved as an early hardrock masterpiece with melancholic moments and intense songs. The lyrics describe drug experiences. Our version contains a bandstory and unseen photos inside the foldout cover. Strictly limited edition of 500 copies! [more]

Estes Brothers

This US heavy masterpiece was recorded in Ohio, in 1971. Original vinyls are nearly impossible to find (only 100 were pressed). A limited LP-reissue was made by Rockadelic Records in the late 90s. The music is outstanding gutsy blues hardrock, a combination of the late sixties stoned/lysergic S.F. blend with long guitar jams a la Quicksilver and straight British hardrock. The 6 album tunes contain lots of unexpected atmospheric moments. This CD-reissue contains 8 bonus tracks, the 45 rpm tune “Tomorrow´s Sunlight”, home and live recordings, a cool 8 p. booklet, original cover artwork and a couple of nice photos! One of the best private US psychedelic hardrock albums of the early 70´s. [more]

Glenn Faria

Reissue only on CD-format. This electric singer/songwriter gem was issued as a promo in 1974 on "Tiger Lily" label well known for their legendary release of NYC-band "Stonewall". Only a few copies are known in collectors hands. Glenn is a very sensitive singer with a warm and honest blues/folk feeling - when he starts playing his electric guitar backing his mind-creeping voice he reaches the highest level in “passion and love to music”. In songs like “Love is Calling” he leads you to unexpected psych-folk heaven. The album with 8 original cuts was recorded in New York during 1970 after his departure from the psychedelic band "Headstone Circus” recently released by Shadoks on LP. Contains a bio & 7 bonus tracks Limited edition of 1.000 copies! [more]

Fear Itself

The album was originally released in 1969 on Dot-Records but didn´t receive too much attention - maybe it appeared as a "too" freaked out heavy version of Jefferson Airplane or Big Brother & the Holding Co. The group started back in Atlanta Georgia in 1967 as a quartet with 2 guitars, played true Psychedelic sound, recorded with Tom Wilson at the Record Plant in NYC, and moved to Woodstock (NY). The 10 album tracks contain 2 arrangements of traditional tunes all others are originals reflecting true electric heavy blues with a strong Hendrix feel, duelling guitarwork and an outstanding female voice/vocals/screams...lots of intense stereo effects. The group performed at Woodstock Festival in 1968 (one year before...) and played the hottest venues of NYC... [more]

First Revelation

This album is a selection of the rock songs from their first two records, "This Side of Eternity" and "Gospel Music". All tunes were recorded between 1970 and ´71 and originally released on Revelation Records. Danny and his wife Lynda, from Florida play passionate Westcoast psychedelic sound with a Christian message. Their music sometimes reminds on early Jefferson Airplane recordings. The original albums of Danny and Lynda are pretty unknown among the psych collectors. [more]


“Fred” was for sure one of the most talented 70´s groups without an album – enjoy their early works, they´re released for the first time. In 1971, as the war in Vietnam continued, some college students in rural, central Pennsylvania formed a band and left school behind. That year, they published a 45 rpm single (a love song - Salvation Lady) and recorded most of the music on this album, which contains cryptic lyrics and heavenly vocals floating over fuzzed-out guitar, crafty keys, drums and bass like a freight train, and a serene electric violin freshly liberated from the bonds of classical training. Influenced by the likes of Procol Harum, The Band, Traffic, Jethro Tull, It´s A Beautiful Day, Frank Zappa, and King Crimson, they bring a unique sensibility... [more]
After the successful debut of fred's first album (WIS-1003) with progressive, psychedelic rock, fred returns with a second album featuring the continued growth of their original and innovative sound. Lots of heavy electric guitar, progressive electric violin with fusion/ classical overtones, massive rock drums and bass, swirling garage rock organ, funky/jazzy electric piano, and heavenly vocal harmonies all mix together to create music that is uniquely fred. Influenced by Frank Zappa, King Crimson, and Mahavishnu, with echoes of 70's rock bands like Traffic, Procol Harum, Jethro Tull, and The Allman Brothers, these performances sound like something else entirely. The master tapes were originally recorded 1973/74 at Blue Rock, the studio "Rolling Stone" called... [more]
Who or what on God’s earth is fred? In Swedish, fred means “peace”, a good idea for any decade. In music, fred is an upstart band of pseudo-bumpkins (aka hippies) from the hills of central PA (really just kids from mid-Atlantic suburbia lost in the purple haze) who took Greenwich Village by storm in 1974. Their 1st CD (creatively named “fred”) contains cryptic lyrics and heavenly vocals floating over fuzzed-out guitar, crafty keys, drums and bass like a freight train, and a serene electric violin freshly liberated from the bonds of classical training. By CD #2 (“Notes On A Picnic”), the music evolved toward the nether realms of instrumental fusion featuring intricate scored parts, tight ensemble playing, sophisticated multi-tracking, and lots of room for inspired rock improvisation. [more]

Freeman Sound & Friends

World In Sound presents another group that represents the late 60s, early 70s heavy psychedelic era scene in northeast Ohio, USA (the same region that Dragonwyck is from). Having won the Starshine Productions' "Battle of the Bands" in 1970, the five-member FREEMAN SOUND was established as the most popular of several bands (including Morly Grey), that had records released on the Starshine label. This special collection of original songs and sounds is an exciting bit of rock history that documents some of the charm, wit and depth of talent that made FREEMAN SOUND the special local phenomenon they were. This release includes 12 great, quality tracks with bio and photos. You'll get stoned on some mind-bending vocals backed by instrumentation that includes... [more]


GOLD -"Mission Rock" was recorded live in San Francisco 1971 (stereo-sound). Their influences are early Quicksilver/ Santana/ Big Brother & The Holding Company style - 68 mins of unreleased material! Gold in 1971 was one of the hottest bands in S.F. still without an LP. Bill Graham was booking the band to open shows for Ten Years After, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Mike Bloomfield.... Now finally after 32 years here is the album Graham would have liked to hear. Country Joe McDonald took a personal interest in the band and worked with them on a number of projects – on this CD he wrote 2 of the 13 songs, The spectacular guitar-duo Joe Bajza and Ed Scott were often compared to a combination of John Cipollina and Jeff Beck. [more]
This CD contains 2 parts S.F. underground history with the first Gold line-up feat. lead singer Richard Coco. Their 45 record “NO PARKING” was already reissued on LP by Rockadelic and issued on the CD compilation “Nuggets from the Golden State”. Part 1 are the Studio Sessions of Leo Kulka´s Golden State Recorders, 9 heavy guitar cuts (same as Rockadelic LP) with great congas and bizarre Rock´n Roll vocals and the previously unreissued 45-rpm flipside a 4:45 minute sensitive but totally unexpected version of Gershwin's “SUMMERTIME” produced by Country Joe McDonald. Part 2 is a live set at the Fillmore-West Audition, a qualification gig for Bill Grahams club circuit, which was successfully passed - gigs at Winterland, Fillmore-West followed. [more]


This reissue of the legendary Westcoast acid psych masterpiece was recorded in Hollywood in 1969, and originally released on Chartmaker Records. Goldenrod is not just the backing band of Darius – it is Ben Benay, Jerry Scheff and Toxey French who all were involved into several major projects and performed with Elvis Presley, 5th Dimension, The Doors, Ventures to name a few. On this album they let it freewheelin´ go – just caring about their passion to create a magic sound in their 4 long instrumental jams: DESCENT OF THE CYCLOPEANS/ KARMIC DREAM SEQUENCE/ THE GATOR SOCIETY/ STANDING OVALUATION – those satisfy through intense breaks and passionate straight-forward rock with ultimate Westcoast guitarwork by Ben Benay. [more]


Hamana´s debut album recorded in 1974, was issued on the local Phoenix label, Canyon Records. To most of the 60´s psychedelic rock/folk fans this is almost an unknown album, original pressings seem to be disappeared, only a few copies are known in collectors hands. Bruce Hamana, a native American, is member of the Indian Hopi Tribe and went in 1969 to college near San Francisco to live “in the white mans world”. Instead of traditional native American themes he felt like writing “modern, revolutionary, contemporary music” – the result you hear on this album is powerful and melodic, and expresses perfectly the sunny California peace, love & freedom feeling, but also contains a social-critical message…” One of these days everything is gonna change... [more]


This reissue by Headstone, a hard rock quartet from Indiana was their only album release. They were discovered by a local producer from Ohio, who owned the label "Starr-Records" and went there to record "Still looking" (further they released two non-lp 45 records; you´ll find in total 6 bonustracks from 1975 on this CD incl. 2 previously unreleased tunes). In the psychedelic underground collectors scene the album got established as a classic psych-hard-rock rarity. Their sound is strong and melodic with awesome guitar/organ leads, great and catchy vocals. Their natural float creates a hypnotic atmosphere and makes you listen to this album again and again. At all their musical spirit is closer to the end 60s blend, than the recording year 1974 reflects... [more]

Michael James

This album is a great artifact for all 60s and 70s music collectors, original copies in good condition change hands for about 500 US$. The spirit of the music is a tasty combination between aggressive fuzz-garage-hard rock and atmospheric psych-folk with moody vocals and a poetic message, comparable to World In Sound´s legendary “Phantasia” (WIS-1015) or "Dr. Hooker”. In between perfectly arranged songs like ”You Don´t Walk On M y Street”, “I Remember” and the psych-trip “Sleepers”, you´ll hear weird spoken word themes as Guatamalan Strange, Electronic Silver and heavy-riff instrumentals. This was the debut release by Michael James, who´s still active in the music business with his own label, Empath Records, and the groups Children of the Risk... [more]

Joint Effort

This obscure acoustic garage acid folk masterpiece for the first time reissued on CD was originally recorded in 1971 (200 copies have been pressed). Joint Effort are from Detroit but don´t deny the mystic and loner hippie Westcoast feeling. They recorded all songs at home, most of the tracks were first takes and reflect a kind of freaky “The Beatles“ meeting “Nirvana” (Unplugged) jam session. They play tripped out raga-folk tunes with homemade effects, catchy vocals – very intense songwriting and “Bob Dylan” like protest against society. The songs stand perfectly for the summer, peace and love feeling! Favourites are, Stay High, Things Look Changed, Longest Tongue in the East, Citified Woman... This CD includes 2 unreleased bonus tracks... [more]

Jones Family Band

Unreleased stoned and eastern sounding psychedelic/garage Folk by Joint Effort from Detroit (a different session was already released on CD by WIS), amazing passionate songs in the early Stooges, Country Joe and the Fish vains, accoustic with many improvisational and homemade effects! 1973 the Band Leader and Singer Val Zukowski founded the short living electrified ”Jones Family Band“ playing heavy psych blues and garage music with incredible wah-wah guitar leads, going into Hendrix – those cuts also remind sometimes to the Fraction and Bentwind feeling! One of the best and freaked out releases of US Seventies Psychedelic Garagy Underground! [more]


The core of Laghonia is a combination of Peruvian and US members, Saul Cornejo Vocals, Guitar, Manuel Cornejo on Drums, and David Levene on Lead Guitar and Vocals. All eight album tunes were released on 45´s under the group name New Juggler Sound. When the band changed name into Laghonia in 1970 the Glue album came out. The music is catchy psychedelic Rock´n´Roll stuff, with lyrics in English, intense fuzz-wah-wah Guitars, Hammond B-2 organ and massive, variative percussion sounds. The songwriting is Beatles/Yardbirds-influenced and the music goes into Santana, Cream, Hendrix and other different directions. Comes with 4 bonus tracks in a thick foldout cardboard package with an extra 8 page booklet and bio with the original artwork by M. Cornejo. [more]
This is the second World In Sound reissue of Laghonia, the "EtCetera" album originally released in 1971, one of South Americas greatest! The band improved their songwriting, which got more complex compared to the Glue album, reminds sometimes of early Jethro Tull, King Crimson music, sometimes progressive, sometimes folky or esotheric, but always intense and catchy, English lyrics, excellent fuzz and wah-wah guitars, magic Hammond B-2 organ and a variaty of rhythms. It comes with outstanding original artwork, a true psychedelic painting by M. Cornejo, in a foldout cover, and extra 7" 4 track EP with 2 never released songs. Both Laghonia albums are a must for Sixties and Seventies Psychedelic-Progressive Rock freaks. [more]

Garret Lund

Since over 20 years the Garrett Lund album is one of the most legedary Westcoast pieces for collectors, truely a rare one! Originally recorded in 1975 at AM Studios this is one of the finest productions for this genre. It amazingly reflects the blend of the early S.F. groups such as Tripsicord Music Box, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Kak…. – emotional singing and songwriting combined with great arrangements it reaches a unique feeling - cosmic and free! The cover artwork by Garrett himself rounds off this artistic statement perfectly. In the early 70´s he was singer in the L.A. group The Caretakers. This reissue is from the original mastertapes and contains 5 unreleased bonus tracks (acoustic free-jam outtakes for a never made second album) plus liner notes! [more]

Trevor Mc Namara

First World In Sound reissue from Australia – The “Yeah Captain“ album was recorded in 1969 and it was the first album of that kind which was produced in Down-Under, a true milestone! Music is influenced of the British electric singer and songwriter stuff, also early Pink Floyd and ranges between psychedelic, experimental folk and heavy rock – both in a fabulous and individual style. Trevor sang and played all instruments (all guitars, drums, flute, moog, piano, cello…) – he created a perfect and fresh band-sound. Original albums, are nearly impossible to find. Contains additional artistic statements by Trevor in form of paintings, presented in an 8 p. color booklet and with 2 bonus tracks (McNamara´s 45 rpm), also recorded on Nationwide Recordings Adelaide. [more]


This legendary 1978 privately recorded US underground album by Marcus and his band is reissued for the first time on CD. The music is played electric but songwriting is based on loner 70´s acid folk (4-6 min. songs) - all original tunes, with a cosmic feeling, dealing with fantasy, fictions and dreamworlds - sometimes desperate, sometimes mystic but always intense and catchy, stunning electric heavy guitars and unique moog-space effects in the Hawkwind vain. Contains a detailed 12 p. booklet with informative bio, couple of photos, 2 unreleased bonus tracks and extra CD-R with a 20 minute live performance good quality video (7 bonustracks) playable on computer and your audio-system. A great 70´s memorabilia album – the roots of space rock! [more]

Modulo 1000

Modulo 1000 is one of Brasil´s famous progressive rock bands of the early 1970´s, their only album frm1971 became legendary in the collectors scene, as one of the weirdest South American psych albums. The music is a synergy of British and American heavyrock (Black Sabbath, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin) and obscure Exotica, unique and catchy in its own way. As Luiz Simas (organ) remembers: "The music of Modulo 1000 had its own appeal to an audience that wanted a heavy, raw, experimental, psychedelic sound. Our kind of music did not make it to the radio stations. It was too wild. The distribution of the record was done in a very limited way. The record label directors, which probably didn't understand or even didn't like our music, did zero promotion for the LP." [more]

Mystic Siva

Mystic Siva is a quartet from Detroit that created one of the most popular psychedelic-underground artefacts, their "Orange Album", recorded in 1970 on one day. With an average age of 17, those "teenage Sivas" showed best quality in songwriting - and wrote with "Supernatural Mind" a hit for the hippie-underground collectors. Their talent in playing the instruments is outstanding and an own sound which is driven by aggressive & heavy fuzz-wahwah lead guitars, hammond B 3 organ and Doors influenced vocals, was the result. This LP contains 11 original psychedelic cuts, comes with thick foldout cover (original trippy artwork) and band´s bio! [more]
With this release World In Sound presents previously unreleased recordings of Mystic Siva the legendary garage-psych outfit from Detroit, well known for their outstanding orange album (WIS-1002). The music on this release was recorded live in Clubs/Bars prior to the album. The opener is an instrumental-jam, followed by six diff. versions of original album tracks in very powerful style, mixed up with four freaked out intense cover tunes, Tobacco Road (6:46), Come Together (5:14), I´m a Man (7:08), * Black Sheep (4:17), all turned into typical Siva style with hard-driven pounding hypnotic Hammond B3, distorted excessively wailing fuzz / wah-wah guitarwork, powerful “Doors” influenced vocals and massive drums. [more]

Naked Lunch

Four Decades after WOODSTOCK, these fabulous recording sessions see the light of day for the first time. This album contains 5 studio tracks from 1969, recorded at the popular 'Mu House' by the panhandle in San Francisco's Haight & Ashbury where the likes of Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, Paul Butterfield Blues Band with Michael Bloomfield frequently played music. Plus, 2 live tracks from 1970 during their 'Hight Time' best! An added bonus of 4 songs from Banda de Jesus, (a band which included 3 original Naked Lunch members), recorded by David Rubinson & Fred Catero at Pacific Recording in San Mateo, CA circa 1972. To put it in a genre ... it blends the best of Latin Rock, with 'rare grooves, and tricky jazz/funk elements'. [more]

Opus Alfa

First vinyl reissue of this heavy psych masterpiece from Uruguay. The original album, on the label " Discos de la Planta" , recorded in 1971 is near impossible to find in good condition. Dramatic and desperate songwriting with intense organ and guitars. The guitarist Jorge Barral also played in the band "Dias de Blues" and in solo projects. First album of our SONDOR series with legendary records and recordings from Uruguay! [more]

Joe Peace

Hippie Singer and Songwriter Joe Peace recorded and released his only album privately in OHIO in 1972, after being a long time on road. Inspired by his reflections he made on his road trip and by Johnny Rivers, his idol, he created 10 catchy original, emotional & poetic themes. The music is a combination of garage, folk and rock, partly with stunning fuzz guitars but also acoustic, always with energetic vocals. An underrated pearl, with a unique drive - worth to be checked out, contains a bio, unseen photos presented in a 10 p. booklet (for the first time released on CD). [more]


Phantasia is besides of Mystic Siva, Music Emporium, Hunger, C.A. Quintet another private produced American mega-rarity. The guitar dominated four piece group recorded a full length record in 1971 and in 1972 a second one-sided demo LP, both became legendary for the electric garage folk and psychedelic collectors - only 25 copies were pressed of each. The music is well played and creatively arranged, it creeps slowly but intensely into your mind, whether stoned or not – be invited on a journey through the acoustic mystic folk realms up to raw garage hardrock with stunning vocals and guitarwork. The 9 min. tune “Genena” made it on the German Rolling Stone cd-compilation “Eight Miles High” (Rare Tracks No. 32). Later the band changed name into Trizo 50! [more]


First vinyl reissue of this heavy progressive masterpiece from Uruguay. The second release of Psiglo is Uruguays rarest rock album, that was recorded in 1974 and first released in 1980 in an edition of only 200 copies. Contains long progressive tracks with heavy guitars pounding organ and creative arrangements. Second album of our SONDOR series with legendary records and recordings from Uruguay! Strictly limited to 500 copies! [more]

Jeff Simmons

This 2CD set presents the Straight label years of Zappa´s multi-talented “sideman”, Jeff Simmons. In 1968 in Seattle Herb Cohen and Frank Zappa was in the audience after his sound check, and was listening to “Easy Chair”, Jeff´s group (soon to be released on WIS). Fascinated by his talent, he was signed for Straight records. Both albums, "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up" and “Naked Angels” were recorded in 1969.CD #1 The Lucille album was produced by by Chris Huston (Led Zeppelin II, Undertakers, Young Rascals) and Frank Zappa under the synonym “La Marr Bruister”, who wrote the title track, played lead guitar on two tracks and co-wrote "Wonderful Wino”. Lucille contains 10 catchy and heavy Blues-Rock and Folk... [more]
Naked Angels is a soundtrack for a biker movie is a sequence of mostly instrumentals that combine melody and fuzz guitar; heavy, psychedelicate surf-rock... [more]

Sproton Layer

SPROTON LAYER was a psychedelic rock band based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which thrived from the fall of 1968 through the summer of 1970. They began under the name “Freak Trio” - three hyperactive brothers, Laurence, Ben, and Roger Miller who became, at the young ages of 14 – 16, addicted to Pink Floyd´s “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” when it came out in ´67! Their unique and euphoric creation of music ranges from progressive-acid-punk to heavy psychedelia with catchy chord changes and Spaghetti Western Ennio Morricone flashes, with epic results. The energy of "With Magnetic Fields Disrupted", which was recorded in 1970, is just unbelievable. Twelve strong, intense space music episodes of destruction and rebirth with NO FILLER! [more]

Stoned Circus

This is an outstanding piece of US psychedelia – Stoned Circus – started in 1968 in Kansas City and became soon one of the hottest local acts. The powerful sound with male and female lead vocals has a strong “Jefferson Airplane” feeling, feat. a magic B3 organ and stunning heavy guitars. Not to be confused with the “Stone Circus” that recorded for the Mainstream label. This material was unreleased and found in the archives of Cavern Sound Studios where the “Wizzards from Kansas” recorded. Rockadelic Records released these recordings as limited LP version in 1994 which is long sold out. Songs include “Gotta find Way”, “Try Love”, “New World”, “Trust”, and a fabulous coverversion of Zeppelin’s “Gonna Leave You”… Originally recorded in 1970 and... [more]

Strawberry Window

Strawberry Window hailed from the San Francisco Bay Areas East Bay music scene in the mid 60’s and were truly one of the “early birds” and innovators who made their own distinct brand of Rock-N-Roll. They played in a heavy-psychedelic-garage style, sounding somewhat reminiscent of the Jefferson Airplane, (early) Mad River, Buffalo Springfield, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Frumious Bandersnatch. These previously unreleased recordings have survived for the last four decades in a box on a shelf in a band member’s closet. Meticulous care and detail has been taken to master these recordings with a fresh, open approach, while ensuring that the sound and integrity of the vintage songs remained intact. The amazing music of this guitar based quartet ranges from... [more]

The Head Shop

"DO YOU WANT HEAD? BLOW YOUR MIND WITH THE HEAD SHOP ALBUM!" screams a commercial ad in New York's Screw magazine in l969. Here's the CD reissue from the mastertape, including bios, photos and 7 bonus tracks. The album was produced and arranged by Milan, aka Rick Rodell, and Max Ellen, both professionals in the music business. The band had garagy roots and evolved from Household Sponge to The Head Shop. Milan´s project that time was Licorice Schtik. Both outfits released a 45 record, which are 4 bonus tracks on this CD. This New York psychedelic underground project has its unique sound: soulful vocals, flying Hammond organ, fuzzy bass, distorted lead guitars, lots of percussive and weird--rhythm instruments, plus several unexpected stereo... [more]

The Id

"The Inner Sounds of the Id" album features rock music with oriental influences, played in various time signatures like 17/8, 20/8, and 7/4 time, as well as straight-ahead blues-rock in 4/4 time. This album expresses perfectly how Rock`n`Roll roots drifted into garage, beat, psychedelic and progressive sounds – powerful and unique - far ahead of its time. The title track, longer than 10 minutes is an excursion, introducing the upcoming hypnotic beat of the psychedelic sound, cosmic sitar and meditative vocals intensify the mystical and floating vibrations of the music, coming from the inner ID. "The Id" is a Los Angeles studio project, all members of the group were playing with other popular groups as session and studio musicians (The Ventures, Elvis Presley, Henry Mancini... [more]

The Tea Company

From New York City, The Tea Company was one of the early birds from the US psychedelic underground scene, with an LP on the market, originally released on Smash Records, in `68. This album stands for the evolution of the 45 rpm psych-garage bands to the upcoming LP-generation with extended improvisation parts. Tea Company evolved from the Naturals, which were founded in 1963 and played the big ballroom supporting Mamas and the Papas, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Bob Dylan, Ritchie Havens, and many others. The band describes themselves as “an assemblage of possessed rock performers; retinue preparing the unusual; alternating with the roots of soul…whose purpose is to cause sensation, due to stimulation of the auditory centers of the brain!” – They became famous... [more]

Travelers Aid

Travelers Aid from California began 1964 as important part of the sixties punk/surf movement, with the name " The Torquays" and some singles published. Their Corduroy Roads album recorded in 1970 , only 100 copies pressed, represents a perfect synergy between sixties punk and psychedelic rock. Here the first reissue! [more]

Trizo 50

TRIZO 50 (post - Phantasia) added one new member on keyboards, Bob DePugh, he´s the younger brother of drummer John DePugh. The band recorded more than 100 songs on a 4-track tape recorder during 1973-74. A cross-section was released on a Demo album (25 copies). The band introduction on this Demo album says: "Excuse the technical shortcomings. What we want you to notice are the songs, the sound, and the fact that we are exactly what the market is looking for and what the upcoming rock generation is looking for.." - Listening to that album you will agree. The musical spectrum ranges from straight 2-minute psychedelic beat, garage, bubblegum tunes with harmony vocals, pounding organ, excessive fuzz and reminds of likes as Seeds... [more]

V.A. Psychedelic Minds

“The innovative bands on this selection represent the innovative boiling point of the short-lived worldwide psychedelic rock movement between 1967-71 – …the years when garage punk evolved into heavy psychedelic rock with its wider soundscapes and complex improvisations… – VOL. 1 contains a dozen 45-rpm songs by lost psychedelic messengers (8 US bands and from Germany, Peru, France each one). The groups included are: Blackrock, Sound Machine, Yesterday´s Obsession, Mastermind, Sangre Mexicana, Bhagavad Gita, Protein Bros, Purple Canteen, Los Nuevos Shains, Blow Mind and the A & B-side of legendary Dirty Filthy Mud. About half of the songs are previously unreissued and appear in stunning soundquality and 12p. poster-booklet. [more]

V.A. Red Medium

Our first compilation is selected from the Sforzando/ Tele Music Series. Music ranges between trippy and fresh jazz-mood-sounds from layed back bar-jazz to soulfull driven funk-excursions and jamaican-brasilian influenced tunes. This release expresses the wide spectrum of the french music library from the 70's and shows the roots of modern Funk, Soul and New-Jazz reflecting a real Underground -feeling. The 12 cuts by famous French Studio Jazz Artists, such as Michel Gonet, Tonio Rubio, Guy Pederson, Pierre Dutour.... show for the first time in public release, that there is more to expierence in the french "Red Medium" Sound, than just easy listening vibrations. Audiophile Soundquality and incredible samples guaranteed! [more]

V.A. World In Sound Tracks

This CD from World in Sound celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love, a youth-driven revolution, expressed in music, challenging conservative values of conformity and materialism, and opposing the war in Viet Nam. Your purchase pays $1.00 (US) (or 1.00 Euro in Europe) to help Amnesty International fulfill the dream of the “Love Generation.” Since 1961, Amnesty International bravely has stood up for freedom, peace, and human rights. Since 1999, World In Sound has built a solid international reputation, providing to serious and novice collectors an extraordinary range of Psychedelic, Progressive, Folk, Garage, Blues/HeavyRock and Jazz/Rock from unheralded artists of the Sixties and Seventies. "WORLD IN SOUND TRACKS – Episode I" features 20 innovative... [more]


This group from the Detroit area is probably the weirdest experimental psych outfits from 1970. Originally the band was hired by “Zig Zag Records” to record cover tunes and easy listening, with the intention, “We’re just doing whatever we want,” the result was an overdosed rock concept album… “to give the music back to the people”. Original copies are rare and pretty unknown among psych collectors until now! The 7 songs with an average length of 7 mins combine different styles of music, from heavy garage rock to bluesy westcoast, drifting into various tripped-out, funk, jazz, fusion elements with humorous/social comments. Structure, feeling and complexity can be compared to experimental Krautrock, while the group´s basic sound is represented better... [more]