Ladies and gentlemen prepare for the HEAT! All these guys have been around in several bands for the last years, among them names like Samsara Blues Experiment, The Hara-Kee-Rees or Grandloom. So you bet they definitely know how to rock out and roll over with their hefty dose of 70s Rock. And there´s no need to become nostalgic. It is 2012 and they´re here to stay with an energetic Blues-drenched mixture of early Sabbath, Zeppelin, Jerusalem, whatever... Pull a name from your Classic Hard Rock collection, they have it all. The real deal and an even great record. A recommendation to each fan of the genre. [more...]

House Of Aquarius

This is the re-release of House Of Aquarius one and only album "The World Through Bloodred Eyes" for the first time on vinyl! This record has soon become a classic collectible on its first release as a CD on Daredevil Records. "Mostly they are playing in the vein of legendary bands like Stray, Mountain, Sabbath or Captain Beyond. It's bluesy, heavy and doomy and I'm surprised that the bands been only around for almost a year, because the songs are skillfull arranged and played with authentic emotions. The vocals on all songs are also very good and they carry the dark and rough vibe of HoA." (Cosmic Lava) [more...]

Samsara Blues Experiment

This is the remastered limited 500-copies re-edition of Samsara´s first cult release, a four track EP with a running time of 33 mins. It was produced in 2009 and brought the band to their legendary US Westcoast tour with a performance at SFs Winterland. The music is way more rural 60s acid-jam psychedelia than their 2 official albums “Long Distance Trip” and the brand new “Revelation and Mystery”, which rocks much straighter, heavier and more compact. You hear a strong Hendrix “Electric Ladyland” vibe with tons of echo and space effects plus extended sitar excursions a la Ananda Shankar. For all those who love the original Samsara roots-float, it will be a delight to enjoy alternative/demo versions of the band´s cult song “”Double Freedom” or Singata. [more...]


This is the debut album of the trio, located in Vorarlberg, Austria - through their 12 songs they present a "timeless" and atmospheric crossover heavyrock album, with various of other influences, like Grunge, 90s Hardcore but also 70 US-Westcoast feeling. Their brilliant guitarwork, featuring partly classical vibes and flamenco style, is combined with haunted, wild scream attacks and unconventional slanting melodies - all served with a unique self composed sound, and great artwork. Without being pushed into a genre, Shizoey creates its own one-of-a-kind BLOOD ROCK FOR YOUR SOUL / SHIZO-ROCK and also takes you on a psychedelic journey with songs like "Oriental Dream". On stage they are ready for the ultimate Rock´n´Roll party... [more...]


Soulitude is a solo project by Christian Peters (singer in Samsara Blues Experiment) beautifully composed by himself. When it first came on I was truly delighted and overwhelmed by his musical skills and I lost all my contact with the outside world. This German is a master loves what he does and turns silver into gold; he's like a healing tongue licking all bad things away!After a short intro this marvellous piece of plastic just explodes into a colour haze and with the song 'natural mystic' Peters clearly shows the world that nothing can stop him from reaching the sky. This is meditation at high scale, with tons of effects and beautiful soundscapes; it's like having sweet honey running through your ears... [more...]

Suns Of Thyme

The radiating neon lights and a pulsating noise from the crowded streets of Berlin are synchronized to the beat of these heart-broken poets. We´re staring at the portrait of artists as young men. They´re waiting for the sun, while white demons and black angels linger on their shoulders in a conjuring whisper. Yet they intend to cry it all out: There´s still such a long way to go, when you want to reach that planet of joy! And light becomes as important as the air that their rhythms create. Their guitar-chords shine in an everchanging rain shower of colors, pacing up and down to their moaning soul´s bold proclamation: This is our time! We´ve got something to say, if only our words still have a meaning... [more...]

Super Power Plant

The task of this German quartet was, when they created their music, to establish a unique hypnotic style of progressive heavy riff rock with "modern" stoner/psychedelic/metal aspects combined with flashes from the 70s, and indeed they did NOT fail! The album became an interesting mix of music which is totally aside of mainstream . with distinctive vocals, lyrically the emphasis lies on philosophic, actual political and social topics. musically you´ll hear dark, epic, powerful and heavy riffs combined with filigree beauty, intense and hypnotic grooves, always in search of a new tone and method of expression. Two musicians of the band "Treacle People", which were already released by World In Sound gave essential contributions... [more...]

The Magnificent Brotherhood

If you are into the pretentious and intellectual side of rock music, stop reading here. ...But if you are turned on by music that brings you up and makes you high, you should certainly get to know The Magnificent Brotherhood. Dope Idiots brings you 12 highly authentic addictive 60s garage rockers, full of crazy Fuzz guitars, Farfisa organ swirls and zappaesque lyrics. The Magnificent Brotherhood‘s unique songwriting style and their freak-out attitude make this album a musical upper, capturing wild up-tempo numbers, as well as some souly tracks too. Not denying the band‘s vintage and raw live sound Dope Idiots is serving some freash material, all written by Drewinski & Haegert. This record sure is dope! But listen yourself... [more...]

This Is Ghost Country

Drawing influences from AC/DC to Fu Manchu, Melvins and Unsane to ZZ Top; these guys most definitely won´t be the every day business to your ears. Their sound is at the same time uncomfortable and soothing to those who feel absorbed from the boundaries in music genres or society rules in general. They are the aliens among us, with no intend but to dig their way through the underground and slowly assuming control. Even if you never felt you were in need or searching anything special, you´ll soon find a new home within GHOST COUNTRY. [more...]